Dokoki da Ka'idoji

By accessing the website at and/or using the service, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms of service, all applicable laws and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. If you do not agree to assume the obligations set out in these Rules and adhere to all the requirements set forth in these Rules, you do not have a right to use the services of ZamaniWeb and you must immediately leave the ZamaniWeb website. If you want to become a member of ZamaniWeb and to use all the services provided by ZamaniWeb, we kindly ask you to carefully read these Rules and confirm that you are familiar and agree with them during the process of registration.

1. Only persons who are over 13 years old have a right to use the services provided by ZamaniWeb. We have a right to exclude the service user from ZamaniWeb members without prior notification if we detect/receive some information or have doubts that the service user is under 13 years old.

2. Upon registration on ZamaniWeb website the service user must choose and create a password. The service user is fully responsible for the confidentiality of the password chosen. The service user does not have a right to disclose the password to third persons or to use the passwords of other ZamaniWeb service users. The service user is obliged to immediately inform the ZamaniWeb if he/she suspects that other ZamaniWeb service users are using the password chosen by him or her.

3. The service user does not have a right to upload any data downloaded from ZamaniWeb website on other Internet websites or make them publicly accessible in any other way.

4. Only the owner of the data or another legitimate manager of it has a right to upload the data on ZamaniWeb website and/or make it fully and/or partially accessible, provided that by carrying out the above mentioned actions the person shall not violate the rights and legal interests of third persons.

5. ZamaniWeb has a right to leave the data uploaded by the service user available to the public for an unlimited period of time, even after the expiry of the right of the service user to use ZamaniWeb services.

6. Examples of information and data which are forbidden to upload on ZamaniWeb website are indicated below:

7. Examples of activities which are prohibited on ZamaniWeb website are indicated below:

8. ZamaniWeb has a right to remove (delete) any data or to partially and/or fully restrict access to uploaded data stored on ZamaniWeb website without prior notification if it is uploaded by violating these Rules or such uploading in any format or any way violates moral and ethic norms, rights and legitimate interests of third persons, or requirements of the legal acts of Nigeria.

9. By uploading the data on ZamaniWeb website, the service user understands and agrees that:

10. ZamaniWeb does not have to check the data uploaded by the user. If ZamaniWeb service user has doubts regarding compliance of data with these Rules, the service user does not have a right to upload certain data.

11. ZamaniWeb may revise these rules at any time without notice. By using our service and/or the website you are agreeing to be bound by the then current version of these terms of service.

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